Chevrolet Service at Lum’s GMC

March 16th, 2023 by

History of Chevrolet and GMC

General Motors was founded in 1908, and would go on to merge with Chevrolet Motor Company in 1918. General Motors still owns Chevrolet to this day and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. 

Chevrolet offers vehicles from trucks to SUVs and Subcompact cars. GMC only offers SUVs and trucks that can be seen as upgraded versions of Chevrolet vehicles. 

Is Chevy part of GM?

Yes, Chevy is a sub-division of General Motors, which also owns GMC. Cadillac is a subdivision of General Motors.   

Lum’s GMC Honors Chevrolet Warranty

Here at Lum’s GMC we welcome all customers and would love to service any and all Chevrolet vehicle owners. Aside from Chevrolet, we also service brand vehicles such as Cadillac and GMC. Stop in to get your vehicle serviced at our brand new state of the art service shop.

We offer a GM-certified service and auto repair center too! When it’s time for your GMC or Chevrolet to get serviced, trust a certified technician at Lum’s GMC to get the job done!

Look no further than our McMinnville Lum’s GMC auto dealership for professionally trained technicians and parts experts. Our parts department features genuine GM accessories for you. Use our website to order components and schedule an appointment online.

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