Electric Car Battery Life Expectancy

Perhaps you already know that models like the GMC Hummer EV can offer hundreds of miles of range on a single charge. And since modern electric batteries can be quickly recharged at home or on the road, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that electric vehicles are expected to make up more than two thirds of all vehicle sales by 2040!

However, it’s also true that no battery can be expected to last forever! If you’re considering a new EV for your drives in Salem, you should know that electric car battery life expectancy currently sits at around 10 to 20 years! That’s great—especially when one considers that most EV manufacturers protect their batteries with long-lasting warranty coverage.

Why Does Electric Car Battery Life Expectancy Matter?

EVs are better for the environment and easier to maintain, compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles. Even so, potential buyers still have some reservations—especially where electric car battery life is concerned. After all, electric car batteries are often the most expensive components of the vehicles that they power, and they can cost between $5,000 and $15,000 to replace. At the same time, it’s worth noting that the price for an electric car battery has decreased dramatically over the last decade, and we don’t see that trend changing any time soon.

In order to protect early adopters of electric vehicles, most manufacturers will protect their EV batteries with eight to ten years of warranty coverage. If your battery expires during the warranty period, you could receive a brand-new battery at a reduced cost. In fact, eight years or 100,000 miles is the minimum amount of EV battery warranty coverage that can be offered in the U.S.

Maximizing an Electric Car’s Battery Life

Even if you’re protected by a warranty, you probably don’t want to have to bring your vehicle in for a time-consuming battery replacement. And if you care about the environment, you should ensure that the resources that went into making your battery last for as long as possible!

How you drive and care for your EV can absolutely have an impact on your battery life expectancy, so keep these tips in mind:

  1. Don’t charge your vehicle every night, and try to keep your vehicle at somewhere between 20%–80% battery life.
  2. Stay out of the heat whenever possible. While cold can drain a battery’s current charge, extreme heat can reduce a battery’s total capacity.
  3. Charge up more slowly whenever possible. Although DC Fast Charging Stations can be convenient, overusing them can degrade your battery over time.
  4. Exhausting large amounts of power over a short time span can degrade your battery, so you should drive in an even, mild-mannered way whenever possible!

Learn All About EV Ownership with Lum's GMC!

Whether you’re still considering your options or you’ve just brought a new electric vehicle home to Newberg or Hillsboro, you can rely on Lum's GMC to keep you in the know. Contact us online or at (503) 376-6642 today to get started. For more helpful reads, review whether you should fix your car before trading it in and how dealerships determine trade-in values!


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