8 Electric Car Service Questions

As you embark on your electric car ownership journey in Salem, you may have a few questions regarding the care of your vehicle. Do electric cars need oil, for instance? Is there a transmission to worry about? Service requirements are a bit different than they are for a gas-powered car. Get the answers to common questions from the experts at Lum's GMC! And remember, the technicians at our service center are always eager to help.

1. Do Electric Cars Need Oil?

Cars that run only on electricity do not require oil changes. Without a traditional, gas-powered combustion engine, electric vehicles don’t have engine oil. Rather, they have an electric powertrain. However, hybrid cars utilize both an electric motor and a combustion engine and therefore they do need routine oil changes. Compare hybrids vs. electric vehicles for more insight.

2. Do Electric Cars Have Horsepower?

EVs do produce horsepower, but it’s not always measured in horsepower. Rather, some automakers measure power with kilowatts. Given that 1 KW equals 1.34 hp, there isn’t a tremendous difference between the two units of measurement.

3. Do Electric Cars Have a Transmission?

Electric cars do indeed have transmissions, but they aren’t the same as transmissions on gas-powered vehicles, which require multiple speeds to transition between gears. On EVs, electric motors produce the same amount of torque no matter what — there’s no need for revving or reaching different gear ratios.

4. Do Electric Cars Have Alternators?

Neither EVs nor hybrids have alternators. Instead, they have a DC-to-DC converter, which recharges the 12-volt battery from the battery pack. 

5. Do Electric Cars Have Catalytic Converters?

Since a catalytic converter removes the byproducts of internal combustion engines, electric cars don’t have one installed.

6. Do Electric Cars Have Exhaust Systems? 

One of the benefits of electric cars is that they don’t produce exhaust gas. Therefore, there’s no need for an exhaust system.

7. Do Electric Cars Have Heaters and Air Conditioning? 

Like any modern car on Hillsboro roads, electric cars have heat and air conditioning systems. Electric cars rely on electricity stored in the batteries to run these systems.

8. How Long Do Electric Car Batteries Last? 

Most manufacturers have warranty coverage on the battery on their electric vehicles that lasts for anywhere from five to 10 years. Of course, battery warranties depend on the automaker. Experts currently predict that an electric car battery will last between 10 and 20 years before replacement is needed.

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