10 Maintenance Things Every Driver Should Know How to Do


Keeping your vehicle in good shape is important for its long-term durability and smooth performance on the roads of Newberg. While service centers often handle routine maintenance, learning some basic checks to do at home can help you save time and money. Explore the top ten essential automotive maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in optimal condition with the service team at Lum's GMC, and consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for recommended automotive maintenance schedules.

Understanding Your Vehicle: What You Need To Know

  1. Know Your Manual: Your vehicle’s owner’s manual is like a guidebook for your automotive maintenance schedule. It’s filled with important details about how to care for your specific model. Take some time to get familiar with it to ensure you’re giving your vehicle the proper care it needs.
  2. Inspect Your Vehicle Regularly: Regular inspections can help you catch problems early on. Learn to spot signs of leaks, tire wear, and other potential issues. Catching these things before they become issues can save you from costly repairs down the road.
  3. Check Your Tires: Invest in a tire pressure gauge and check your tire pressure regularly. Keeping your tires properly inflated not only improves fuel efficiency but also extends the life of your tires. Also, do a quick check of your tire tread using a penny to make sure it’s not too worn down.
  4. Check Your Engine Oil: Engine oil is vital for keeping your engine running smoothly on the Hillsboro roads. Check your oil levels regularly using the dipstick, and don’t forget to follow the recommended oil change schedule in your manual.
  5. Check Your Engine Coolant: Engine coolant helps regulate your engine’s temperature. Make sure your coolant levels are where they should be to prevent overheating. Your owner’s manual will have details on how to do this properly.
  6. Inspect Your Engine Air Filter: A clean air filter is important for your engine’s performance. Check it regularly for any debris and replace it when needed to ensure good airflow.
  7. Use the Right Fuel: Make sure you’re using the correct octane rating for your vehicle. Using the wrong fuel can cause problems like engine knocking and reduced performance.
  8. Inspect Your Light Bulbs: Proper lighting is crucial for safety. Regularly check all your exterior bulbs and replace any that are burnt out or dim to make sure you’re visible on the road.
  9. Inspect Your Windshield Wipers: Functional wipers are essential, especially in bad weather. Check your wiper blades for wear and tear and replace them as needed to ensure clear visibility.
  10. Keep Track of Maintenance: Finally, keep a record of all your maintenance tasks, including oil changes and bulb replacements. This will help you stay on top of things and ensure your vehicle gets the care it needs when it needs it.

Learn More About Your Automotive Maintenance Schedule at Lum's GMC

Take control of your automotive maintenance schedule by learning these essential checks you can do at home. Should you face any difficulties or need professional help, simply schedule a service appointment with us at Lum's GMC in McMinnville. Our skilled technicians are committed to ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly on the roads of Salem. Reach out to us today to benefit from our service specials and hit the road with confidence.


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